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Listenwise scaffolds help multilingual students access challenging, meaningful content while building their English language skills. We don’t make things “easier” for students by oversimplifying— we focus on delivering comprehensible input that is easy for teachers to scaffold for students at specific proficiency levels.


We are a product focused on teaching content and language together. Students can use Listenwise to learn about high-interest, curriculum-aligned topics, while also building academic vocabulary and English language skills across interpretive and expressive modes of communication, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Our platform makes it easy for teachers to work together, plan, and deliver grade-level standards-based instruction. 

Functional Approach

Listenwise’s multimodal lessons are aligned with WIDA’s Key Language Uses: narrate, argue, inform, explain. Our product supports the explicit teaching of how language works in order to develop students’ language toolbox.

Listenwise WIDA

“I recommend Listenwise for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. My students love to talk and they understand so much. Reading and writing will still take some time. Listenwise allows me to teach to their strengths.”

– Elementary teacher, Hoboken Public Schools, NJ

Explore WIDA 2020
Standards-Aligned Lessons

Listenwise WIDA
  • ELD lessons aligned to WIDA’s 2020 Standards Framework
  • Individual teacher and student accounts for anyone in your school
  • Close-listening guides, vocabulary, interactive transcripts, & more supports to scaffold and differentiate instruction for different student needs
  • Quizzes for easy WIDA ACCESS practice
  • Data-tools to track student progress

All lessons now include English Language Proficiency (ELP) levels on lessons

Listenwise makes it easier to determine which lessons are recommended for your students based on their proficiency levels.

Click on the label for more information on how it aligns with your state.

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