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ELD Lesson Library  

Specifically designed to boost the English proficiency of your beginner and intermediate MLs, we’ve built out multimodal lessons to help teachers teach content and language together across topics. These lessons feature native language support with embedded Spanish translations and are ELD standards-aligned.

Teacher Lesson view of the ELD lesson: "Meterologists Study the Weather"
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Interactive Transcripts

Listening and reading at the same time is a game-changer.

Research shows it improves comprehension and supports reading fluency.


Large Library of Listening Quizzes 

Auto-scored listening comprehension quizzes allow you to measure growth, guide instruction with actionable data, and help students practice for state assessments. Teachers can view aggregate data for a school or classroom or drill down to see a detailed view of a single student, including time spent on assignments. New ELD lessons feature quizzes in English or Spanish.


Listening assessment

How People Use Listenwise:
Listening Comprehension

“The quizzes are very similar to what my students will experience on the listening portion of Smarter Balanced test, so the practice is valuable. It also lets me know which listening skills my students need help with and I discuss the different listening strands with them.” – ELA Teacher in CA

ELA Teacher in California

Curriculum-Aligned Podcast Lessons

Engage all your students with multimodal lessons for ELA, Social Studies and Science, and ELD. Easy to embed into curricula and flexible lesson designs for varied classroom settings, and aligned to your state and ELD standards.

Deep Google Classroom Integration

Teachers can seamlessly connect Listenwise to all aspects of your Google Classroom – sign-on, roster, assignments, and gradebook! We also offer Clever Instant Login (SSO) and LTI integrations (including Schoology & Canvas LMS) for districts.

Customizable Scaffolding for Language Comprehension

Meet students where they are — scaffold up or challenge as needed to maximize instructional effectiveness. Students can access tiered vocabulary, text to speech toolbar with Spanish translations, graphic organizers and slower audio. Additional scaffolding supports are built out in the ELD multimodal lessons to make differentiated instruction quick and easy.

English learners

How People Use Listenwise:
Authentic Academic Language

It’s hard to find authentic sounding listening content for ESL, especially once our students are working on academic language. I use Listenwise to work on academic vocabulary since it’s presented in context, both orally and written. We practice with language directly from the stories, focusing on the Tier 2 word list.

ELD Teacher in Texas

Fact-Based Podcast Stories

Our lessons are rich in academic language and curated for age-appropriate use in the classroom. Prompt constructive conversations using diverse nonfiction podcast content as instructional texts, providing opportunities to think deeper about important topics including SEL.

Customizable Assignments

Create custom online assignments from our pre-made lesson resources. Quick and easy to differentiate instruction – simply pick and choose what your students need. Flexible for remote or in-person learning.


Lexile Measures for Every Podcast

With Listenwise, you can match students with audio content targeted to their listening comprehension levels. Lexile Audio Measures allow you to select the right podcasts for your diverse learners. Learn more about the Lexile Framework for Listening