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Podcast Lessons Support ELPAC
Language and Literacy Skills

ELPAC Listening Domain Task Types


  • Listen to a short exchange
  • Listen to a classroom conversation
  • Listen to a speaker support an opinion
  • Listen to a story
  • Listen to an oral presentation

Use Listenwise Features as ELPAC Practice


  • Model academic language skills
  • Engage students with debates 
  • Read interactive transcripts, multiple listens, and use pre-made graphic organizers
  • Hear first person audio stories
  • Watch videos with scaffolded supports
  • Take assessments that simulate the ELPAC

Data Shows We Help Boost Reclassification Rates

Texas Listenwise

“When our English Language Learners take the ELPAC test, they tend to score lower in that area. Listenwise has been a great resource for these students to practice listening to a passage and be able to answer questions.”
ELD teacher, Porterville Schools

Explore Pre-Made California & ELD
Standards-Aligned Lessons

California standards

High interest podcasts provide exposure to academic texts with Tier 2 and 3 words in context. Motivate students to advance their language skills with our carefully curated collections.

Build new vocabulary and spark engaging conversations with stories that connect to students lived experiences and broaden perspectives.

All lessons now include English Language Proficiency (ELP) levels on lessons

Listenwise makes it easier to determine which lessons are recommended for your students based on their proficiency levels.

Click on the label for more information on how it aligns with your state.

ELD levels Listenwise

English Language Development
Lessons with Paired Videos

Teach content and language together with these ELD standards-aligned lessons spanning ELA, Social Studies and STEM.


  • Authentic podcasts at low language complexity
  • Paired videos for background building
  • Auto-scored quizzes leveled for MLs
  • Native language support with embedded Spanish translations and Spanish cognates
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