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Interactive Transcripts

Listen and read at the same time! Valuable for improving comprehension, re-listening, or citing evidence.

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Online Student Submissions

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Students get their own accounts and complete assignments online. Great for blended, flipped or 1:1 classrooms.

Listening Comprehension Quizzes

Autoscored listening comprehension quizzes embedded with our lessons. Easily assign with or without listening supports.
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Progress monitoring by listening skill

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Track student progress with our unique reporting by listening comprehension skills. Easily see where students need help.

Standards-aligned Lessons

Our lessons help you easily use the stories in your classroom. Aligned to your state standards.

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ELL Supports

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Boost listening comprehension with additional features such as tiered vocabulary, speakers guide, and a slower version of the audio story.

Customizable Assignments

Turn our resources into your custom assignments. Give additional support to the individual students who need it.

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Scaffolding Activities

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Help struggling students and ELLs with story-specific activities for close listening and building background.