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Texas Listenwise

“We purchased Listenwise to support our Emergent Bilingual students in our district. Listening is one of the most overlooked skills. Students learn a lot when they are listening to a story read to them while reading the caption. They can learn about fluency, proper pronunciation, intonation, and more.”

District Instructional Specialist, Royal ISD

Explore Pre-Made
TEKS & ELPS Aligned Lessons

Texas Listenwise
  • TELKS and ELPS standards-aligned lessons for grades 2-12
  • Individual teacher and student accounts for anyone in your school
  • Close-listening guides, vocabulary, Interactive transcripts, & more scaffolding supports
  • Quizzes for easy ELPS practice
  • Graphic organizers for TELPAS practice
  • Data-tools to track student progress 

All lessons now include English Language Proficiency (ELP) levels on lessons

Listenwise makes it easier to determine which lessons are recommended for your students based on their proficiency levels.

Click on the label for more information on how it aligns with your state.

ELD levels Listenwise

English Language Proficiency
Lessons with Paired Videos

  • Teach content and language together with TEKS standards-aligned lessons spanning ELA, Social Studies and STEM.
  • Authentic podcasts at low language complexity
  • Paired videos for background building
  • Auto-scored and leveled quizzes for ELs
  • Native language support with embedded Spanish translations and Spanish cognates

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