Build Academic
Language with
Multimodal Lessons

Educators Love Using Podcasts & Videos to
Accelerate English Learner Proficiency

Teach Language and Content Together

Listenwise enables students to comprehend grade-level topics
and build their academic language. Accelerate your English learners
in grades 2-12 on their journey to English proficiency.

All lessons now include English Language Proficiency (ELP) levels on lessons

Listenwise makes it easier to determine which lessons are recommended for your students based on their proficiency levels.

Click on the label for more information on how it aligns with your state.

ELD levels Listenwise

English Language Development
Lessons with Paired Videos

Boost the English proficiency of your beginner and intermediate MLs using our new multimodal lesson library! Teach content and language together with these ELD standards-aligned lessons spanning ELA, Social Studies and STEM.

  • Authentic podcasts at low language complexity
  • Paired videos for background building
  • Auto-scored quizzes leveled for MLs
  • Native language support with embedded Spanish translations and Spanish cognates
English learners

Achieve Grade-Level Rigor with
Scaffolding and Differentiation

Give it a try!

Listenwise podcasts utilize research-based same language subtitling and capabilities for educators to focus on instructional equity. All of our lessons feature built-in scaffolding, and now you can find even more in our new ELD Lesson Library for emergent MLs.

  • Interactive transcripts
  • Text to speech with Spanish translations
  • Tiered vocabulary
  • Graphic organizers
  • Slower audio

Track & Assess Student Listening Comprehension

Monitor student progress easily and quickly with Listenwise large library of formative assessments. Teachers can use them regularly to determine where students are succeeding or need more support using our reporting by sub-skills (eg: main idea, vocabulary, etc).

  • Automatically-scored quizzes (ELD lessons allow students to take quizzes in Spanish)
  • Drill down reporting available at the student, class, and school levels
  • Ability for student self-directed listening quizzing
Listening assessment

Expose Students to More Vocabulary
with Compelling Real World Stories

English learners

High interest podcasts provide exposure to academic texts with Tier 2 and 3 words in context. Motivate students to advance their language skills with our carefully curated collections.

Build new vocabulary and spark engaging conversations with stories that connect to students lived experiences and broaden perspectives.