Authentic Listening to build Academic Language

Students listen to fascinating stories featuring authentic academic language. Scaffolding for ELL success is built-in.

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Accelerate your English learners on their journey to college and career readiness. Leverage oral language to move long-term learners towards literacy.

Compelling Real World Podcasts

Everyone loves a good story and students are no different. Motivate students to advance their listening skills with our carefully curated collections. Listen to authentic academic language across the general education curriculum. Perfect for intermediate and advanced English Learners!
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Built-in literacy supports and scaffolding

Our literacy supports make academic language accessible without reducing rigor. We utilize the research-based approach same language subtitling. Our Interactive transcripts, tiered vocabulary and reduced speed audio improve comprehension and expand vocabulary. Lessons include content-specific scaffolding suggestions for building background and close listening. ESL teachers can go even further with language objectives and aligned practice.
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Listening comprehension assessments

Determine how well students are listening with our automatically scored formative assessments or our differentiated constructed response assignments. Now you can monitor progress on listening comprehension by skill strands such as main idea and inferencing. Drill down reporting available at the student, class, and school levels.
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"My ELL kids struggle with vocabulary as much as comprehension and Listenwise is great for both... Wednesdays are Listenwise days and the kids look forward to it!"

Amelia Soura,