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Standards-Aligned Podcast Lessons

High quality podcasts and lesson collections for ELA, Social Studies and Science. Easily address listening standards with scaffolding built-in for ELLs.

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Auto-Scored Quizzes

Autoscored listening comprehension quizzes embedded in lessons. Assess listening comprehension by skill strands such as main idea and inferencing.

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Interactive Transcripts

Students can listen and read at the same time. A game changer for improving comprehension and preferred by students!

How It Works

Teaching with podcasts is a fun and engaging way to teach content, language, and grow listening skills. Listenwise easily integrates into your instruction whether your classroom is blended, flipped or 1:1.

Listening Can Be Improved. Here's Proof.

Clovis North High School saw CAASPP listening scores increase by 26 percentage points over three years, 15 percentage points higher than the district average. How? They used Listenwise Premium to practice and assess listening comprehension in the classroom.

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Listenwise is powered by the best storytellers. Real world stories from the most trusted names in journalism.

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