How well do your students listen?

Listenwise is unique in its focus on developing listening skills. Success in college and careers depends on effective communication, critical listening, and understanding oral information.

Embedded formative listening assessments

Listenwise embeds our assessments with our lesson resources to make it easy to gather insights to guide improvements in the ongoing teaching and learning. Our formative assessments are part of the curriculum collections for easy integration into instruction without additional testing time.

Progress monitoring by listening skill

Listenwise designed our unique assessments to measure 8 different aspects of listening comprehension. Our user­-friendly reports will show you how students are performing by listening strands. View aggregate data for school or classroom or drill down to see a detailed view of a single student.
Listening assessment

I knew that listening is a hard skill to learn, but now with Listenwise, it’s clear how much we need to focus on teaching listening skills. My students really benefit from the listening supports, and they like immediately seeing what questions they get wrong, in order to individually reflect on their areas for improvement. The quiz data enables me to differentiate instruction and personalize – great tool!
— ­Kelsey Thomas
7th/8th grade ELA teacher
Ormond Beach, FL

Practice for state­-level testing

More and more states are including listening in their literacy tests. For example, states that participate in The SBAC, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, assess students using short, non­fiction audio clips where students are expected to listen, interpret and evaluate material presented orally. With Listenwise, students develop familiarity with questions similar to those presented on state assessments and experience listening online.