Want good listeners? Tell a great story!

Ever notice that good stories get better student engagement? Research actually shows that a meaningful story impacts listening behavior. Well­ told stories about what’s happening in the real world challenge students to think, and are relevant to their lives. And that’s a formula for authentic engagement!

We work with the best journalism and storytelling organizations. We are proud to partner with NPR and other world­class podcast and public radio producers to bring their stories to the classroom.

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The best stories connect with students emotionally while they are learning. That connection improves knowledge retention and gets students talking. This story about the Lost Boys is one of our favorites!

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The quality of reporting, the depth of storytelling, the luxurious length of time spent on a single feature, it helps me to dig in, to learn with my senses, to actually care about a topic because I’ve gotten to know the people involved. Every day, dozens of exceptional stories are published on public radio, and they have the potential to offer our students that same rich experience, helping them connect to the content in ways written text can’t reach them. Imagine listening to an interview with Elie Wiesel when learning about the Holocaust.

— ­Jennifer Gonzalez,
Cult of Pedagogy

Podcasts across the Curriculum

Listenwise does the hard work of finding the podcasts that will work best in the classroom. We create curriculum-­aligned collections that illustrate the topics you need to teach. As well as selecting a daily current event to make it easy to bring the outside world into the classroom. All of them are tagged and searchable to find just the right piece when you need it!