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Outsourcings ties to globalization

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Social Studies High School

Outsourcing’s Ties to Globalization

Outsourcing happens when a company in the U.S. stops hiring American workers and hires workers in foreign countries instead. The benefit for the U.S. company is that workers in other countries make much less money than American workers, so the company saves money. In the early 2000s, more Americans began to protest against outsourcing because it created unemployment in the U.S. This public radio story introduces a man who built a business around helping companies outsource, and who stands by the practice despite its controversial aspects.

US History II Economics Entrepreneurship Labor Trade NATO

Story Length: 4:20

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National Public Radio © 2004 National Public Radio, Inc. Used with the permission of NPR. All rights reserved.

AIR DATE: 03/16/2004

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