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Searching for empathy in israel and gaza

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Social Studies Middle School

Searching for Empathy in Israel and Gaza

The roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict trace back centuries. Israelis and Palestinians have cultural, religious, and social differences, but have shared space for a long time. In 1948, Israel became an independent state, creating a refugee population of Palestinians as Israel expanded its borders. Certain areas in Israel, including the West Bank and Gaza, are occupied by Palestinians, while some areas like Jerusalem have both Israelis and Palestinians living among each other. The result has been segregation between the groups within Israel and a lack of empathy for others. This public radio story explores opinions among Israelis and Palestinians and its roots in segregation in the West Bank and Gaza.

Civics/Government World History II Geography Middle East Religion

Story Length: 7:35

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AIR DATE: 08/04/2014

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