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Coal rules the world

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Social Studies Middle School

Coal Rules the World

Coal fueled the Industrial Revolution in England, and then America, and the whole world. But the new manufacturing came at a high price: coal pollution. This public radio story takes you to the place where the Industrial Revolution began, and explains how coal, iron, and steam created a new world. Coalbrookdale was one of the busiest coalfields in Europe, but today it seems quiet and clean. Is it really? The world is still powered by fossil fuel, which pumps greenhouse gases into the atmosphere—we’ve just changed the way we burn the coal.

World History I Industrialism Physical Science Energy Human Impacts Environment

Story Length: 3:37

Listen to the Story:


National Public Radio © 2007 National Public Radio, Inc. Used with the permission of NPR. All rights reserved.

AIR DATE: 05/02/2007

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