Topic: Race

Current Event April 5, 2021

New Laws Worry Voting Rights Advocates

Race Civil Rights Democracy Poltics

Georgia recently passed a series of laws restricting voting in the state. For example, the rules reduce the number of drop boxes where voters can cast ballots and forbid handing out food and water to people waiting in line to vote. The laws disproportionately affect minority communities. Other states are considering similar laws, and some see the trend as a deliberate effort to suppress voting among people of color. Listen to learn more about Georgia’s new voting restrictions, how they fit into U.S. history, and what they mean for voting rights in America.

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Current Event March 30, 2021

Reflections on the Anniversary of Breonna Taylor's Death

Race Violence Civil RIghts

On March 13, 2020, police raided the apartment of a young Black woman, Breonna Taylor, and fatally shot her while she slept. The incident followed other killings of Black people by the police and sparked outrage around the world. This audio story features an interview with a leader of Black Lives Matter, an organization fighting racism and police brutality, on the one-year anniversary of Taylor’s death. Listen to an activist reflect on why Beonna Taylor’s death affected people deeply and how citizens can help prevent similar acts of violence in the future.

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Current Event March 23, 2021

History of Racism Against Asian Americans

Race Violence Ethnicity

Recently a gunman in Atlanta killed eight people, six of whom were women of Asian descent. The attack followed a year that saw a dramatic increase in verbal and physical attacks against Asian Americans, accompanying a rise in racist rhetoric that scapegoated China for the coronavirus pandemic. Anti-Asian discrimination and racism have a long history in the U.S., and tend to worsen during periods of tension and fear, according to a former professor of Asian American studies. Listen to learn about the history of anti-Asian violence in the U.S. and how today’s situation parallels the past.

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Current Event March 16, 2021

Racism and British Royalty

Race Psychology International Media Monarchy

In a recent television interview, Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth of England, and his wife, Meghan Markle, aired their grievances against the British royal family. The couple spoke publicly for the first time since stepping back from their royal duties a year ago. Meghan, who is biracial, objected to what she felt were racist comments from family members as well as the palace’s insensitivity to her mental health needs. Listen to hear more about the young couple’s disappointment with Buckingham Palace and why they chose to leave the royal life behind.

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Current Event March 10, 2021

Photographers Bring Kids' Dreams to Life

Race Agriculture Visual Art

Two photographers in Atlanta have undertaken an unusual project: turning kids into real-life versions of their wildest dreams. Whether it’s a creature from a fairy tale or an ancient prince, kids are invited to imagine who or what they might like to become, and to express their personalities in creative ways in front of the camera. Listen to hear the reactions of kids who have participated in an imaginative photo shoot, and find out what the photographers hope to accomplish through their project.

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Current Event March 5, 2021

Debate: Should There Be Universal Basic Income?

Politics Economics Race Class

Some people say universal basic income, or a regular cash payment from the government to each American, is one of the best ways to address economic inequality in America. They argue that guaranteed income would help everyone, especially those who are struggling financially, to cover basic living costs and feel supported during hard times. Opponents argue that guaranteed income could reduce the labor force by encouraging people not to work, and the costs of such a program would be high. Listen to a former mayor explain Martin Luther King, Jr.’s views on economic equality and then debate: Should there be universal basic income?

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Current Event March 4, 2021

Diversity in NFL Coaching

Race Gender Sports

NFL coaching has become more diverse in recent years, but most top positions continue to be held by white men. Only five of the league’s 32 head coaches are minorities. While more people of color and women have become qualified for leadership positions, they are not being hired for the top jobs. Listen to a sports writer describe the problem of discrimination within the NFL, and learn whom he blames for the league’s failure to diversify its leadership.

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Current Event February 25, 2021

MLB Recognizes Negro League on Its 100th Anniversary

Race Sports Reform

Between 1920 and 1948, Black baseball players were excluded from major league teams, so they formed their own group, the Negro League. While Major League Baseball (MLB) carefully charted the stats of its white players during this period, many top players in the Negro League went unacknowledged. Now, on the Negro League’s 100th anniversary, the MLB has welcomed its players into the majors retroactively. Its star players will assume their rightful place on the leaderboards, shifting and diversifying the names that appear there. Listen to hear a Negro League museum founder react to the long-overdue announcement, and learn about the painstaking process he used to compile stats on Black ballplayers.

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Current Event February 5, 2021

Debate: Are Academic Requirements for College Athletes Discriminatory?

Race Law Sports

Lawyers have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) saying its policies discriminate against Black athletes. The NCAA requires college sports teams to reach certain academic benchmarks and punishes teams that fall short. The program was designed to encourage student-athletes to focus on their studies and keep the demands of their sport in check. However, teams from historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have been disproportionately punished under NCAA rules, leading some to claim the program puts Black athletes at an unfair disadvantage. Listen to learn more about the NCAA’s Academic Performance Program (APP) and then debate: Are academic requirements for college athletes discriminatory?

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Writer's Craft in "The Art of Secrets"

Race Young Adult Literature Realistic Fiction Mystery

The Art of Secrets is a young-adult novel focused on Saba Khan, a high school sophomore and an American of Pakistani descent living in Chicago. Saba’s high school rallies behind her family after a suspected hate crime destroys their apartment. This event changes Saba’s life in unexpected ways. Listen to an interview with the author to hear about how he used different perspectives to help readers understand the story in a way that the characters within it cannot.

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The Inspiration for "I Am Every Good Thing"

Race Gender Visual Art Children’s Literature Writing Process/Storytelling

Black boys and men have long been either underrepresented or negatively portrayed in literature, television shows, and movies. This lack of positive representation takes a toll on Black boys’ sense of self and negatively influences how society views them. Many Black artists and writers are taking initiative to change this and create stories, art, and films that feature Black boys as what they are: confident, intelligent, and beautiful. Listen to hear how one author and artist worked together to create the children’s book, I Am Every Good Thing.

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Current Event January 12, 2021

How Martin Luther King, Jr. Channeled His Anger

Race Civil Rights Protest Violence Human Behavior

Martin Luther King, Jr. practiced nonviolent protest and advocated for racial harmony. The racism and violence he experienced throughout his life, however, sometimes filled him with rage. King believed anger could be a useful, positive force if it was channeled productively. Listen to hear more about MLK, Jr.’s views on the strong emotion of anger and how he used it to help him accomplish his goals.

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A Poet Celebrates the "Owed"

Race Culture Poetry Writing Process

Poet Joshua Bennett has published a poetry collection of odes titled Owed that celebrates people, places, and objects that he feels have not received the positive recognition they deserve. In this interview, he reflects on his experience as a Black teenager attending an elite private school. He explains how it influenced the subjects of his poetry. Bennett also shares how his perspective has changed about his writing process and his family. Listen to learn more about Owed and to hear Bennett read excerpts of his work.

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Current Event December 1, 2020

12-Year-Old College Student Loves Space

Race Education Transportation

A 12-year-old student from Georgia is enrolled in college with dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer. Caleb Anderson was an exceptionally smart baby, according to his parents. They recognized his gifts and supported him as he advanced quickly through school, outpacing his peers. Caleb’s unusual journey was not always smooth, though. Listen to hear how Caleb felt as the youngest kid in his 7th grade class, and learn why Caleb’s dad believes his son’s story can inspire other Black boys.

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Current Event November 24, 2020

VP-Elect Kamala Harris Inspires Youth

Politics Race Gender

As the first woman, who is also biracial, to be elected vice president, VP-elect Kamala Harris is an inspiration to young people around the country. Girls and young people of color, in particular, see her as a role model, and many have attended campaign events to catch a glimpse of her in person. Harris has used those opportunities to encourage girls to become leaders and imagine new roles for themselves. Listen to hear girls who admire Kamala Harris describe the impact she has had on them, and hear the incoming VP’s own words of advice to young people.

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