Topic: Matter

Current Event November 24, 2015

Protons and the Start of the Universe

Physical Science Matter

Our world is made of matter. Everything you see and feel is ordinary matter. Matter has a counterpart called antimatter. And true to science-fiction stereotype, if matter and antimatter meet, they destroy each other. Scientists are trying to find out why antimatter is so rare. One recent experiment took place inside a giant particle accelerator where scientists made small amounts of antimatter. After studying and measuring the forces of both antimatter and matter, they found that they behaved exactly the same. Listen to hear more about this discovery and why it matters.

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Current Event April 29, 2014

Atomic Clock Precision

Earth and Space Science Matter

A few seconds lost over millions of years seem irrelevant, but atomic clock scientists say that better clock precision will help us study and feel the heartbeat of the universe.

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