Topic: Contest

Current Event April 26, 2019

Media Literacy Scavenger Hunt

Media Literacy Contest Scavenger Hunt

Do you like riddles, puzzles, or detective stories? Get out your figurative magnifying glass and try our Listenwise Media Literacy Scavenger Hunt. This game invites you to apply your media literacy skills to identify facts and fakes. As you take this quiz, you will be given clues to find Listenwise stories related to the theme of media literacy. (Scavenger hunt stories will have a special icon so that you know you found the right one.) Once you have found the right stories, listen to them carefully, and hunt down the answers to the related questions. We recommend working with two tabs or windows open at once–one for the quiz, and one for the stories. Explore Listenwise, learn about media literacy, and have fun!

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