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Current Event June 17, 2014

Rising Numbers of Minors Crossing the Border Shows Holes in Immigration System

Civics/Government Immigration US History II

The number of unaccompanied minors crossing the Mexican-American border has increased dramatically and sources say that it's due to a failing immigration system. Although a large number of children are found by border patrol, many evade authorities and cross into a country by themselves. Listen to this public radio story to learn what happens to them.

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Republican house leader loses seat

Current Event June 13, 2014

Republican House Leader Loses Seat to Challenger Because of Immigration Reform

Politics Civics/Government Immigration

In a surprise upset, Republican House Leader Eric Cantor lost his re-election bid to a Tea Party-backed candidate. Political analysts say one of the reasons he lost was his moderate stand on immigration reform. Listen to this radio story to find out what this means for immigration reform.

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Remembering the alamo

Current Event May 13, 2014

Remembering the Alamo

Immigration US History I

Anglo Americans were once considered “illegal aliens” in Texas, then a Mexican state. This story is a modern day road trip to the Alamo that looks back to 1836 when American settlers fought with Mexico to eventually gain control of Mexico and the Southwestern territories. It explains how the dividing line between America and Mexico was drawn.

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Tijuana and san diego borderland

Current Event April 17, 2014

Tijuana and San Diego Borderland

Immigration Geography

Tijuana, a young city, grew out of the construction of the US-Mexico border in California. The physical barrier represents Mexicans’ gateway to opportunities as well as a separation from loved ones.

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Mexican national executed in u.s.

Current Event January 24, 2014

Mexican National Executed in U.S.

Civics/Government Immigration

There are 48 Mexican nationals on death row in the United States. The third Mexican national was executed this week in Texas, despite push back from Secretary of State John Kerry and the Mexican government. Listen to this story to learn why this precedent could be risky for US citizens living abroad.

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