Topic: Animals


Cheetahs' Super Speed

Animals Evolution Adaptations

Just how fast is a cheetah? Fast enough to earn the title “fastest land animal on the planet!” In this audio story, a scientist explains how various adaptations allow the cheetah to run at unbeatable (and unbelievable) speeds. Listen to hear about external and internal adaptations that help the cheetah run so fast.

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The Science of Snot

Health Animals Cells Human Body

Most people don’t like to spend time thinking about snot, slime, and mucus. Believe it or not, these are important substances that keep humans and animals safe. In fact, there are scientists who study snot! Listen to hear one of these scientists talk about what snot is made of, which animals produce the most slime, and how humans and animals use snot and slime to stay safe and healthy.

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The Science of Whiskers

Animals Diversity and Adaptation Marine Biology

Animals use their whiskers for more than just looking cute. This audio story features an interview with a scientist who studies how whiskers are used by different animals. Listen to hear how animals use whiskers to learn about the world around them and about an experiment that helps scientists learn how whiskers work.

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All Kinds of Dinosaurs

Animals Evolution Diversity and Adaptation

Paleontologists learn about dinosaurs by searching for and studying fossils, which provide evidence about how a living dinosaur would have looked or acted. They use what they learn to teach others. Occasionally, paleontologists make a discovery that changes a previously accepted idea. Listen to hear more about what paleontologists do, and to learn about some of the dinosaurs that have been discovered and named.

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Physics Helps Falcons Fly Fast

Animals Mathematics Forces and Newton's Laws Motion

The fastest animal on Earth is not a land animal. The peregrine falcon can fly at speeds of over 200 miles per hour when it hunts for its next meal. It is difficult to study something that moves so fast, so scientists have to use different methods to gather information. Listen to a scientist explain how physics and mathematical equations are used to answer questions about the flight of a peregrine falcon.

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The Rise of the Dinosaurs

Animals Climate Change Evolution Geology Diversity and Adaptation

Human beings have a long-standing fascination with dinosaurs that dates back to the discovery of the first fossils. To this day, people of all ages visit museums and fossil sites to study and learn more about these prehistoric creatures. This audio story features the answer to a seemingly simple question: how did the dinosaur age begin? Listen to hear what scientists know about the beginning of the age of dinosaurs. The story may contain a few surprises!

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Wildlife in the City

Animals Human Impacts Ecology

Wildlife in the city? It may seem odd to hear the word “wildlife” linked to the word “city.” However, animals live wherever they can find food and shelter. Cities can provide both for many types of wildlife. Animals use their survival skills to turn just about any environment into their home. Listen to hear a scientist explain which animals can be found in suburbs and cities and how they adapt to these environments.

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Current Event June 28, 2020

Weird News: Bull Causes Power Outage

Technology Animals

Listen to hear about how a bull caused a Scottish town to lose power.

Vocabulary: culprit, suspect, oblivious

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Current Event June 21, 2020

Weird News: Robot Dog Enforces Social Distancing

Technology Animals

Listen to hear about how a robot dog in a Singapore park reminds people to practice social distancing.

Vocabulary: instruct, patrol, enforce

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Current Event June 3, 2020

Researchers Bring Lab Animals Home

Animals Plants

Many scientists isolating at home during the pandemic have taken their study subjects with them. The researchers want to keep the plants and animals that they study alive and continue their experiments. Bringing spiders and even sunflower seeds home can have hazards, however. Listen to learn what scientists are doing to protect their study subjects during a health crisis and hear how one scientist’s roommates responded to the unusual critters in the house.

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Current Event May 31, 2020

Weird News: Canine Siblings Reunited

Animals Community

Listen to hear about two dog brothers who were accidentally reunited.

Vocabulary: reunited, similar

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Current Event May 27, 2020

Dogs Trained to Detect Virus

Health Animals

Dogs have powerful noses, and their sniffing skills might be able to help with keeping the pandemic under control. Many diseases have particular smells. Scientists are working to identify the scent of COVID-19 and training dogs to find it in humans. The trained animals would be able to quickly screen hundreds of people in places such as airports and train stations. Listen to hear how trainers teach dogs to find certain scents and when the first group of sniffers could be ready to work.

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Current Event May 10, 2020

Weird News: Playful Parrot’s False Alarm


Listen to hear about a parrot who plays a trick on the police.

Vocabulary: recently, deputies, unnerving

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Current Event May 5, 2020

Snapping Shrimp Growing Louder

Animals Climate Change Human Impacts Oceans Ecology Marine Biology

Snapping shrimp produce surprisingly loud noises by clicking their claws. The noises they make are so pronounced that they once led to a Navy investigation. Ocean warming is causing the snapping shrimp clicks to become even louder and more frequent. The increase in ocean noise from this and other human impacts can be disruptive to marine ecosystems where sound is important to survival. Listen to hear what snapping shrimp sound like and learn why their sounds might be helpful to some species and harmful to others.

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Current Event April 28, 2020

Wolves Playing Fetch

Animals Evolution

The relationship between humans and dogs is a special one, and there are multiple theories about how it originated and how it has changed over time. All dogs evolved from wolves, and scientists are learning more about that evolutionary process through research about similarities and differences in the behavior of wolves and dogs. Listen to this story about a game of fetch and how it might inform scientists’ understanding of the history of the special relationship between species.

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Current Event April 19, 2020

Weird News: Alligators Help with Social Distancing


Listen to hear how people in Florida are advised to keep a safe distance from each other during the pandemic.

Vocabulary: visualize, residents

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Current Event April 8, 2020

Caring for Zoo Animals


What happens to the animals when no one visits the zoo? Though the coronavirus pandemic has shut down many public gathering places and cultural institutions, including zoos, the animals continue to need daily care and feeding. Places like The Cincinnati Zoo depend on a small group of dedicated workers to show up each day to care for their beloved animals. Listen to hear zoo workers describe some of their favorite animals and learn how one baby hippo became an internet star.

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Current Event March 25, 2020

Remembering C.C. the Cloned Cat

Life Science Animals Genetics

A famous cat has died. C.C. the cat, sometimes known as Carbon Copy, was the world’s first cloned pet. Texas A&M University scientists cloned C.C. to investigate whether the process could be used by owners to keep their beloved pets alive. C.C. became a celebrity when a photo of her sitting in a lab beaker circulated around the world. Listen to hear the scientist who cloned C.C. explain the cloning process and learn why he does not recommend cloning your cat.

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Current Event March 18, 2020

Ninja Peacock Takeover

Animals Human Impacts

Peacocks are pestering residents of an historic neighborhood in Miami, Florida. It’s mating season, and the male birds are trying to attract attention by showing their feathers, screeching loudly, tearing into flowers, and attacking cars. Some residents admire the birds’ beauty while others complain about noise and damaged property. Listen to learn what the town is doing to solve the peacock problem and why one man compared the birds to ninjas.

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Current Event March 9, 2020

Weird News: Chance of Falling Iguanas

Animals Weather

Listen to hear about why iguanas were falling from the sky in southern Florida.

Vocabulary: uncommon, tumble, advice, slumber

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