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Current Event June 9, 2016

Remembering Muhammad Ali

Religion Sports

Boxer Muhammad Ali is being remembered as a great athlete and humanitarian. He was a 3-time Heavyweight World Champion and inspired generations of people. When he became a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, he was barred from boxing for over three years. When he converted to Islam, he became an ambassador for his religion. He never apologized for his beliefs, even at great personal cost. Listen to hear more about Ali, who was an example of integrity and self-confidence around the world.

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Current Event September 28, 2016

Mother Teresa Made a Saint

Religion Elementary

Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic nun and missionary, worked for years with the poor in India and was known as a “modern day” saint. She was born to an Albanian family in Macedonia and was a devoted humanitarian until her death in 1997. Recently, she was canonized by Pope Francis and is now officially recognized as a saint. The Catholic Church has spent over a decade examining evidence of miracles attributed to Mother Teresa in order to make her a saint. Listen to hear how the Vatican determined Mother Teresa’s sainthood.

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Current Event November 28, 2014

FBI and Martin Luther King Jr.

Civics/Government US History II

In 1961 the FBI targeted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to be wiretapped because of his affiliation with a former communist leader. Their efforts became personal when Dr. King spoke badly of the FBI. Wiretapping of Dr. King’s motel rooms exposed that he was unfaithful to his wife and this led to an effort by the FBI to expose his extramarital affairs by going to the press. But the media didn’t bite, and Dr. King remained unscathed and able to lead the Civil Rights Movement.

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Current Event November 19, 2015

Racial Issues on College Campus

Race Protest

At the University of Missouri several racially charged events went unaddressed. Racist graffiti, open racial slurs and simmering racial tension were met with no response from the school’s administration. Out of frustration, many students protested. One graduate student went on a hunger strike and the football team refused to play until the President of the university resigned. The pressure by students forced the President, as well as the Chancellor, to step down. Listen to this story to hear more about the message this sends to the students on this campus.

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Current Event October 27, 2015

Pandas and Politics

Civics/Government Animals Elementary Communism

Pandas from China have served as fluffy diplomats between the Communist China and the Democratic United States. In 1972, the Smithsonian National Zoo first received their first pair of pandas from China as “gesture of goodwill” following President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China. Panda diplomacy continues today as a newborn panda's name was unveiled at the National Zoo. Listen to the story and learn more about the newest link between the world’s two largest economies.

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Current Event October 7, 2015

Economic Power of Latinos

Civics/Government Economics Immigration

When Donald Trump announced he was running for President he made derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants, characterizing them as criminals. The Latino community responded not with riots and protests, but with their economic power. In reaction to Trump’s remarks, companies that see a lot of revenue from Latino customers pulled out of Trump owned products or events. Macy’s will no longer carry Trump’s menswear line, NBC will no longer allow him to host and Univision will no longer air beauty pageants that he partially owns. Latinos’ purchasing power is expected to reach $1.5 trillion this year. Listen to hear more about how Latinos are using their economic influence.

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Current Event January 23, 2017

Vetting Process for Cabinet Nominations


The Senate is holding confirmation hearings for President-elect Trump's Cabinet choices. Democrats say majority Republicans are rushing the nominees through the process and that several of them haven't yet completed or submitted all of the financial disclosure and ethics paperwork required. Each committee holding a hearing has its own set of rules about the information it requires. Listen to hear about this push to confirm Cabinet nominees quickly.

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Current Event January 26, 2016

Voter ID Laws

Civics/Government Politics US government

New Hampshire’s primary election is coming up and a record turnout is anticipated. This will be the first presidential primary with the state’s new voter identification law in place. The law, which passed three and a half years ago, requires everyone voting to show a photo ID. Not all states have ID requirements. Election specialists say laws like this push voters away, as many voters may show up to vote without their ID. Others say it’s necessary to prevent voter fraud. Listen to this story about how the new laws might affect the upcoming primary election.

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Current Event January 27, 2016

Second-Generation Spanish Speakers


Studies show each year fewer and fewer Latino households speak Spanish at home in the U.S. In an effort to assimilate, some immigrant parents haven’t passed on their language to their children. But now some second-generation parents are trying to teach their heritage language to their children, but it isn’t easy. Listen to hear more about second-generation Spanish speakers in the U.S.

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Current Event January 20, 2016

Latinos in the Iowa Caucuses

Civics/Government Politics

Iowa plays a big role in the Presidential election process because it’s the first state to cast its vote for a presidential nominee. The state is overwhelmingly white, but has a growing Latino population. The caucus process is complicated and meetings are held at night, which discourages some Latinos from participating. But efforts are being made to include Latinos in the caucus process. This story looks at how Latinos play a key role in the upcoming elections.

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Current Event October 28, 2015

Talking About Race

Race Psychology

At a High School in Baltimore, racial tensions flared last year between African Americans and Latinos. Some students stayed home from school to avoid the fighting, and some were fearful of what would happen off of school grounds. A program called SPIRIT recently started that helps students deal with these racial tensions. Students are given the chance to talk about the challenges within the school and hear from other students. They talk about what needs fixing and propose solutions. Listen to this story to hear more about how this program helped students talk about race.

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Current Event February 28, 2018

What Students Understand about Slavery

Race Education US History I

A new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center finds that most high school seniors don’t fully understand many facts about slavery. The study also finds that educators aren’t provided with good materials, training, or standards for teaching students about slavery in the U.S. It’s an uncomfortable subject and most curriculum guides teachers to highlight heroes, such as Harriet Tubman, before teaching about slavery. Listen to this story to hear about the problems and possible solutions to understanding the history and reality of slavery.

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Current Event February 27, 2018

Student Activism Over Gun Violence

Students who witnessed the deadly school shooting in Florida are channeling their rage and grief into activism for gun reform. The classmates of the 17 people who were killed by a gunman in a Parkland, Florida high school are demanding state lawmakers ban assault rifles. There are protests and school walkouts planned across the country, in an effort to encourage lawmakers to rethink their positions on guns. Listen to one of the the high school students who survived the shooting as she talks about why she has become a gun control activist.

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