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Current Event February 20, 2018

Struck by Lightning and Reconnecting


Some events can deeply connect two people. In this story a 12 year old girl’s life was saved, and it took over 50 years for her to find the one who saved her. In 1967 two girls were at a camp and one was struck by lightning and fell unconscious. The boom of lightning made the other girls run from the cabin but when one girl realized she wasn’t with them, she went back to get her. That action saved her life. Listen as these two women reconnect for the first time since that event to say thank you and tell their stories.

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Microbial fuel cells

Science Middle School

Turning Sewage into Microbial Fuel Cells

Life Science Earth and Space Science Environment Energy Cells

Scientists are creating bacteria batteries by using wastewater to generate electricity. The microbes from sewage can be harnessed to develop microbial fuel cells. The process could provide ways to provide energy in remote places for very little money. Listen to learn how scientists are developing this energy and what they are learning from it.

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Gravity and the curveball

Science Middle School


Gravity and the Curveball

Sports Physical Science Forces and Newton's Laws Motion

Throwing a curveball is one of the most difficult pitches in baseball. Bill Lee, a former pitcher for the Red Sox, explains how important it is to consider physics when trying to throw a curveball. Listen to learn how objects travel through space and how gravity affects a curveball.

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Losing weight while you sleep

Science Middle School


Losing Weight While You Sleep

Life Science Health Nutrition Mathematics Human body

People lose weight when sleeping, and much of that weight loss comes from merely breathing. Through a process of matter being recycled along with sweating while sleeping, people lose weight. However, the atoms and molecules involved are so small that it is hard to believe they are so powerful in this process. Listen to learn how this cycle works.

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Island nations in peril

Science Middle School

Rising Oceans Put Island Nations in Peril

Earth and Space Science Climate Change Geography Weather and Climate Human Impacts

As the ocean rises, some island nations might disappear and the coastlines change. This is critical for some island nations that are at risk of slipping under water as sea levels rise. Political, economic and personal consequences are factors in how the climate problems in these nations are dealt with. Listen to learn what can be done to prevent these catastrophic changes in our geography.

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Heat islands

Science Middle School

Urban Concrete Creates Heat Islands

Earth and Space Science Health Climate Change Weather and Climate Human body

Global warming is expected to increase summer temperatures making cities even hotter. As concrete and asphalt within cities retain heat, it can increase health risks. The sun mixes with city pollution to create ozone that can irritate people's lungs, especially if they have breathing problems such as asthma. Listen to learn how public health officials are trying to help those living in the hottest areas.

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Coral bleaching

Science Middle School

Ocean Warming is Forcing Coral Reefs to Adapt

Life Science Environment Ecosystems Oceans Human Impacts

Oceans around the world see declines in healthy reefs. The increase in ocean temperatures due to global warming is one of the factors that cause this deterioration. Part of the coral reefs are endangered, but some corals are still thriving despite the increase in ocean temperature. Listen to learn who relies on coral reefs and what would happen if they completely deteriorated.

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An imminent thaw

Science Middle School

The Changing Ecosystem of the Bering Sea

Earth and Space Science Environment Ecosystems Oceans

Ice is an essential component of the ecosystem of the Bering Sea region. For example, sea ice cover can dramatically affect the levels of phytoplankton which has enormous effects on the entire food web. In this public radio story we hear about the health of the Bering Sea ecology by studying scientific observations.

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Sea slug animal or plant

Science Middle School

Sea Slug: Animal or Plant?

Life Science Genetics Ecosystems Oceans DNA Ecology

Small green sea slugs puzzle scientists because they can survive in fresh water. Scientists have discovered that slugs use photosynthesis like plants which leaves scientists wondering if the sea slug is an animal or plant. Listen to learn how these tiny creatures are teaching us more about how DNA effects how these slugs live.

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Killer whales

Science Middle School

Killer Whales Echolocate Loudly

Life Science Oceans

Biologists studying killer whales face the challenge of studying organisms that spend a majority of their time underwater. From extensive research, scientists have learned that killer whales have adapted their sounds to help them catch prey. Scientists are looking to do more research, but it's difficult to find the whales in the first place. Listen to learn more about the methods scientists use to understand killer whale noises.

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Mosquitoes and raindrops

Science Middle School

Mosquitoes and Raindrops

Life Science Physical Science

Researchers are trying to figure out how mosquitoes survive raindrops. The mosquitoes receive a pelting as if, on a human scale we were being hit with massive boulders! The study of physics is helping scientists figure out this mystery. Through momentum and impulse, mosquitoes can dodge the rain and the humans trying to kill them. Listen to learn what experiments researchers had to do to understand the feeling from a mosquito's point of view.

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Current Event February 19, 2018

Teenage Olympic Speed Skater


One of the biggest names from Team USA at the Winter Olympics is Maame Biney. She is only 18 and has explosive speed on the ice. She came to the United States from Ghana when she was 5 years old and became the first African-American woman ever to qualify for a U.S. Olympic speed skating team on the short track speed skating. Her father is with her in South Korea, where she is competing against the best speed skaters in the world. Listen to this story to hear Biney describe herself on the ice.

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Current Event February 16, 2018

Debate: Are Deliveries by Robots a Good Idea?


Instead of going to a restaurant to pick up food, you can have it delivered to your home. That’s nothing new. But some restaurants are experimenting with using a robot to deliver orders. The robot is equipped with cameras that allow it to observe the street signs, lights, and roads around them to know how and when to cross streets. Some fear this invention may replace jobs held by people, but the company says they are not a replacement for humans. Listen to learn the capabilities of these delivery robots and then debate: Are deliveries by robots a good idea?

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Current Event August 19, 2014

Underground Water Sources are Drying Up Fast

Earth and Space Science Climate Change Geology

Lakes, rivers,and oceans are places we normally see water, but most of the water on Earth is actually stored underground. This groundwater supply is vital to food production and providing drinking water for American cities. A new study shows that the groundwater of the Colorado River Basin is disappearing at a shocking rate. Listen to this public radio story to learn more about the impacts of this disappearing water supply and the ways that it can be slowed.

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Current Event February 15, 2018

Blessing of Pets in Spain

Religion Animals

In Spain, Catholics remember the patron saint of animals, San Anton, with a festival that celebrates pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and sheep are walked down the streets in the arms of their owners. The pet owners travel to church so that their pets can be blessed. Many have looked to San Anton to help with their animals, and many believe it is important to have a day celebrating this saint. Listen to learn about the variety of animals involved and how they react to the pet blessing.

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Current Event February 14, 2018

90 Miles an Hour on Ice


The Olympic sport of skeleton involves athletes tobogganing through an icy path at extreme speeds. Some athletes love the rush of running onto the ice then relaxing their bodies enough so that they can focus on the curves ahead on the track. To observers of the sport, it is terrifying to see someone going this fast with what seems like no control. Listen to learn what it feels like for these athletes and what type of athlete is ideal for the sport of skeleton.

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Current Event August 20, 2014

Recess Makes Children Smarter

Life Science

Which has a bigger impact on brain development, time in the classroom or time on the playground? New scientific evidence shows that structured free play has a significant and positive effect on children's brain development and social interactions. Scientists who study the effect of play on rats have found that 1,200 genes are activated when rats engage in play and one-third of these genes are significantly altered. Listen to this public story to learn how recess and play could impact academic performance.

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Current Event January 28, 2014

Robotic Arms Change Lives

Life Science Technology Engineering

Brittle bones disease is a congenital disease that makes a person's bones extremely fragile and twisted. Currently, there is no cure — but engineering students at Rice University came together to build a robotic arm for one brittle bones patient. Listen to this story to learn how it changed the teen's life.

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Drought hurts ski resorts

Current Event January 31, 2014

Drought Hurts Ski Resorts

Weather and Climate

Farms aren't the only things suffering in a severe drought - ski resorts are also hurting. With little to no snow fall, ski resorts delay openings to unprecedented dates. Listen to this story to learn more about how communities are living with this reality.

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Lionfish small

Current Event August 1, 2014

Sixth Grader Makes a Discovery about Lionfish in School Science Fair

Life Science

Lionfish in Florida cause anxiety for fisherman because they are invasive and have no known predators. But until a sixth grader did a groundbreaking science fair project, scientists assumed lionfish couldn't survive in fresh water. Her project proved the fish can survive in fresh water and her results caught the attention of a large science publication. Listen to this public radio story to learn how she did it.

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