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Economic Effects of Low Oil Prices

Falling oil prices typically help the global economy. Consumers have more money if they aren’t paying as much for gas, so they spend money on other things which stimulates the economy. Falling oil prices should also mean oil producers are making less money. But this isn’t necessarily true today. Some countries have built up reserves when oil prices were high, to minimize the effect of lower prices. Other countries are experiencing high inflation and economic damage from lower oil prices, subtracting from global growth. Listen to hear more about the effects of cheap oil today.

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Listening Comprehension Questions

  • What was one of Malala Yousafzai’s first experiences with the dangers of religious extremism?
  • After miraculously surviving her attack, what has Malala focused her work on?
  • What is the message that Malala is trying to send to those in power?
  • What does Malala want to do in the future?
  • What are the goals of Malala’s mission to support girls?

Discussion Themes

  • What is your opinion on Malala’s message about the power of education?
  • Why do you think that ISIS might want to silence people like Malala?

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